Key advantages

We provide a simplified process for annual renewals, in-house legal expertise to protect your interests and flexible solutions tailored to your customer's needs.

Cash flow

Cash-flow considerations are as important to brokers as they are to insureds. Our streamlined application processing means accelerated receipt of premiums. Our system ensures prompt payments to expedite income and reporting.

Financial planning and accounting

With our premium finance solutions, brokers can improve their balance sheet with reduced billing and administrative concerns.

Improved customer relationships

By making insurance more affordable for businesses, brokers working with us are uniquely qualified to help their customers improve cash flow, thereby preserving and advancing customer relationships. 

Progressive solutions for lasting relationships

Cross-Border Capabilities

Seamless access to the US marketplace.

Legal and Regulatory Expertise

In-depth knowledge of governmental requirements and regulations.

Solutions for Tribal Bands and Aboriginal Communities

Customized insurance funding solutions tailored specifically to aboriginal communities.

Industry expertise

We offer unparalleled expertise for an array of policy types and industry segments.

Underwriting Capabilities

Expert underwriting capabilities for customized plans and flexible programs.

iQ Online Quoting System

Designed to handle complex transactions with sensitive data.

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We treat every premium finance relationship as a partnership, and we work with you every step of the way.

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