The benefits of insurance premium finance

Cash-flow considerations are as important to brokers as they are to insureds. We offer brokers expedited receivables resolution, with streamlined application processing and paperwork for accelerated receipt of premiums.

Our premium finance solutions are tailored to help brokers improve their balance sheet with reduced billing and administrative concerns. And our system for ensuring prompt payments expedites income and streamlines reporting.

Prompt payments are just part of the comprehensive solution available from our premium financing team. Brokers working with us enhance their overall insurance product offerings by presenting flexible premium finance options that support their clients’ cash flow while making it easier for them to pay insurance premiums. Additionally, reduced billing and collection administrative concerns enable brokers to focus on relationship-building.

With us, brokers are able to offer uniquely tailored finance plans to a diverse pool of potential clients, as we deliver unparalleled experience and insurance-funding capabilities for an array of policy types and industry segments.

Our premium finance experts include support and service professionals serving brokers across all of Canada, providing expertise, personalized service and customer focus that is second to none. Whether the client is a multinational enterprise or a small business, we make it easy to finance commercial coverages.

We offer brokers unmatched depth and breadth of capacity and resources, along with superior service and an ability to handle complex accounts and customized repayment schedules.

To learn more, contact Bill Chapman CIP, Senior Vice President and National Sales Manager.