CAFO Success Stories

Every day, CAFO's experts in insurance premium financing help insurance brokers serve their insured clients by tailoring premium insurance funding solutions that help businesses free up and reallocate cash that would otherwise be used for lump-sum insurance payments. 

Here are just a few examples of CAFO success stories.

A Ski Resort Requiring a Customized Seasonal Plan

A ski resort operator was unable to pay large monthly installments until the winter season when cash flow improved. CAFO proposed a customized seasonal plan featuring smaller installments payable from May through October, when business was slow, and larger amounts paid in-season, from November through April. In this way, the flexible payment plan was tailored to the seasonal nature of the insured client's cash flow.

An Aviation Account With Complex Funding Needs

An aviation account with a complicated insurance program and premiums requiring financing. Arrangements had to be made quickly to fund the program to accommodate carriers located overseas. CAFO arranged for all carriers to receive timely funds. This ensured that the insurance program continued in force and that there was no disruption in operations or inconvenience to the company's customers.

Financing for Municipalities

A broker contacted CAFO regarding the financing of a city’s insurance policies. The coverage included Casualty and Property policies, all of which ran for 18 months. After a review of the insured’s financials, CAFO was able to offer a payment plan of 18 equal installments and interest rates that were competitive with the city’s usual borrowing facilities. The solution eased a critical cash-flow crunch for the municipality and enabled it to maintain needed services.

Solutions for Aboriginal Communities

An aboriginal community required specific governmental regulations be met due to the nature of their investments. CAFO acquired specific government licenses and renewed them annually to meet these demands. Additionally, since their payments could not be made through traditional methods, we developed a special program with the broker to handle the payments of their monthly installments. The client was able to finance through us with an easy annual renewal as we renewed the processes we had implemented for them each year.