CAFO Helps Brokers Reduce Billing and Administrative Concerns

June 28, 2017

CAFO Helps Brokers Reduce Billing and Administrative Concerns

CAFO’s highly efficient processes help brokers improve their balance sheet while accelerating receipt of premium payments, expediting income and streamlining reporting.

Prompt receipt of premium payments is just one of the benefits brokers derive from working with CAFO. Because CAFO helps brokers support insureds with a diverse array of policy types and in multiple industry segments, brokers partnering with CAFO are able to offer uniquely tailored finance plans to a broad range of potential clients.

Brokers working with CAFO enhance their overall insurance product offerings by presenting flexible premium finance options that support their clients’ cash flow while making it easier for them to pay insurance premiums.

CAFO’s premium finance experts include support and service professionals serving brokers across all off Canada, providing superior service and the ability to handle complex accounts and customized repayment schedules. Whether the client is a multinational enterprise or a small business, CAFO makes it easy to finance commercial coverages.