Solutions for Brokers

CAFO insurance premium finance solutions benefit brokers as well as insureds.

Cash Flow Benefits

Cash-flow considerations are as important to brokers as they are to insureds. For brokers, CAFO’s streamlined application processing and paperwork mean accelerated receipt of premiums. And CAFO's system for ensuring prompt payments expedites income and reporting.

Financial Planning and Accounting Benefits

With CAFO's insurance premium finance solutions, brokers can improve their balance sheet with reduced billing and administrative concerns.

Improved Client Relationship Benefits

By making insurance more affordable for insured businesses, brokers working with CAFO are uniquely qualified to help their clients improve cash flow, thereby preserving and advancing client relationships.

Additionally, reduced billing and collection administrative concerns enable brokers to focus on relationship-building. With CAFO, brokers are able to offer uniquely tailored finance plans to a diverse pool of potential clients.

iQ Online System

CAFO helps insurance professionals serve their clients by providing reliable and flexible financing solutions tailored to the business's specific needs. And CAFO’s iQ Online System allows users to access real-time client account information such as payments and contact information, and create simple or complex quotes — quickly, easily and securely.

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